Existence of God and Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell said that earlier he believed in God but then he thought that if everything is created by God then who created God? When He couldn’t reach to a conclusion then he stopped believing in God.
Guess what was his amended belief about how everything was created?
He later believed that the basis for whole universe is matter.
Interesting. Isn’t?? Earlier he stopped believing God because of the question as to who created God and when asked from where matter came into existence? He said matter was always there.
That’s what we believe about God that He was there always.
Why Bertrand Russell didn’t believe in the ever living God and he believed in ages old dead and dumb matter?
Extract from ‘maktab-e-Rasool PBUH’ by ‘ustaad Mohsin quirati’.

I agree that if we start thinking that since when God is there, we get confused. The answer that God was always there is not satisfying to our logic. But I think that this is something beyond human mind to digest. Like our fastest computer processors go in hang state when struck in infinite loop.


2 thoughts on “Existence of God and Bertrand Russell

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  2. Our minds cannot fully comprehend something being there for eternity.

    To rejecting the God of gods being an eternal Spirit, having no flesh, blood and bones can not be founded on good reason to reject Him. Also not having scientific proof is no reason to reject God.

    Who would reject the existence of possible planets and stars we did not find yet? Who would exclude time because we cannot explain time really?
    Has there ever been some one who could really give enough evidence of time and time having been started? No one can point to a certain moment as the beginning of time. And it is a fact that, even though our lives end, time does not. We do not reject the idea of time because there are aspects of it that we do not fully comprehend. Rather, we regulate our lives by it.

    What about ‘heat’ or temperature? some give the temperature by Celsius others by Fahrenheit others by Kelvin. What is the right measurement of it and what is the right measurement of distance?
    When astronomers tell us that the heat of the sun at its core is 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 15,000,000° C are we going to reject this idea because we really do not have any clue how that temperature is? Do we reject that idea because we cannot fully comprehend such intense heat?

    Astronomers have written many thesis, giving their view on things, which have been changed many times over the centuries. Though each time everybody seemed to be convinced they were right and others where wrong. Sometimes the minority where right but even had to risk their lives for telling what they thought to be the truth.

    When we look at the bible certain things where explained in very easy language and gave an impression of how things where in an easy comprehensible way, though it took years before people wanted to accept it because their churches , scholars or scientists had first pronounced other ideas?

    Today many refer to space as being infinite. and many want to accept that but to accept infinity of a godhead looks for them impossible. So why for one ‘yes’ and the other ‘no’? In both instances the same principles should be applied.

    Which is more reasonable—that the universe is the product of a living, intelligent Creator? or that it must have arisen simply by chance from a nonliving source without intelligent direction? Some persons adopt the latter viewpoint because to believe otherwise would mean that they would have to acknowledge the existence of a Creator whose qualities they cannot fully comprehend. But it is well known that scientists do not fully comprehend the functioning of the genes that are within living cells and that determine how these cells will grow. Nor do they fully understand the functioning of the human brain. Yet, who would deny that these exist? Should we really expect to understand everything about a Person who is so great that he could bring into existence the universe, with all its intricate design and stupendous size?

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